Why choose Hillsclinic

We use the Ilizarov method which is now the most widespread technique for limb lengthening and bone reconstruction among the international orthopaedic community. 

Dedicated and comprehensive team for height increase is selected by Dr. Khaqan  Jahangir Janjua. All services including consultations, surgery, physiotherapy, exercise in gym and after care at patient residential center are provided in one place. Translators for most of the languages are available to you as required.

Your care start’s even before your arrival as soon as you decide for the surgery. On your arrival you are fully oriented towards full limb lengthening process, team members, all the services, our policies and protocols.

We treat each patient like a family. You will have a dedicated staff member during your entire stay with us.

You will receive well monitored first class treatment from staff members that exactly know what are you going through during your entire stay.

We are looking forward to be with you in Islamabad and helping you to realize your dreams of becoming taller!!