Physio Importance



As part of the Height Increase by Limb Lengthening Surgery by using Ilizarov method, you are expected to learn and perform certain physiotherapy exercises explained to you by the HillsClinic Physiotherapist.
  • Your process of physiotherapy at HillsClinic starts even before you arrive for height increase surgery. Your interaction with our physiotherapist and exercise physiologist starts as you sign up for the treatment. 
  • Limb lengthening does cause a lot of pressure on the surrounding soft tissues and joints. If you are not particular with your physiotherapy and gym exercises, you can risk permanent joint stiffness or we may be compelled to stop the lengthening process to allow the joint to recover. This will increase the time for the Ilizarov frame to be on. 
  • You will receive a full support and help by our physiotherapy staff. You will be guided and taught from the pre-arrival stage till the end of treatment regarding your physiotherapy, and other important self care matters by our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals. Your family or friends will also be encouraged to take part in managing your self- care and physiotherapy exercises.  
  • You may be required to perform physiotherapy and other exercises up to 4 times a day when performing limb lengthening.
  • This means you and your family and friends require a lot of commitment.
  • You are expected to learn even before your arrival, some of the exercises to help strengthen your muscles, joints and bones and prevent you from becoming stiff when your limb lengthening process starts. 
  • Physiotherapy is an extremely important aspect of your treatment. Complying with the physiotherapy will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit after your operation. 
  • You will be given a physiotherapy schedule at each stage. You are supposed to achieve the outcome at the end of each stage. This will help and prepare you for the next advanced stage of exercises.
  • You will also be required to complete your own daily progress report regarding your exercises and self care. Upon completion of the period of schedule you will automatically get the next schedule. So please be particular with your exercise schedule to get the best results.